The following is a list of all cascades and waterfalls in Vermont that we have personally visited and reviewed. For information on additional waterfalls in Vermont that we have not yet visited, click here: Other Waterfalls in Vermont

Directions and trail information to most of the waterfalls listed below is further detailed in our guidebook: New England Waterfalls: A Guide to More Than 400 Cascades and Waterfalls!

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Abbey Pond Cascades

Middlebury Addison  Page 39, K-10
Bakers Falls Troy Orleans  Page 53, C-11
Barnet Falls Barnet Caledonia  Page 42, B&C-5
Bartlett Falls Bristol Addison  Page 39, H-10
Benson's Holes Manchester Bennington  Page 25, H-10&11
Big Falls Troy Orleans  Page 53, A&B-1
Bingham Falls Stowe Lamoille  Page 46, F-3
Bittersweet Falls Weybridge Addison  Page 32, A-6 
Bolton Potholes Bolton Chittenden  Page 45, K-14
Brewster River Gorge Cambridge Lamoille  Page 46, B-1
Bristol Memorial Park Falls Bristol Addison  Page 39, G-11
Browns River Falls Jericho Chittenden  Page 45, F-11
Buttermilk Falls (Ludlow) Ludlow Windsor  Page 30, J-4
Cascade Falls Weathersfield Windsor  Page 31, J-9
Cavendish Gorge Cavendish Windsor  Page 26, A-6&7
Clarendon Gorge (Lower Falls) Clarendon Rutland  Page 29, G-12
Clarendon Gorge (Upper Falls) Clarendon Rutland  Page 29, G-13
Covered Bridge Falls Thetford Orange  Page 35, G-14
Crystal Falls Montgomery Franklin  Page 52, E-5
Dog Team Falls New Haven Addison  Page 38, J&K-7
Dog's Head Falls Johnson Lamoille  Page 46, B-5
Emerson Falls St. Johnsbury Caledonia  Page 48, I-5
Fairfax Falls Fairfax Franklin  Page 45, A-12
Falls of Lana Salisbury Addison  Page 33, E-10
Glen Falls Fairlee Orange  Page 36, D-2
Green River Falls Hyde Park Lamoille  Page 47, C-8
Hamilton Falls Jamaica Windham  Page 26, I-3
Hancock Brook Falls Worcester Washington  Page 46, J-7
Hartshorn Falls Warren Washington  Page 39, I-14 
Honey Hollow Falls Bolton Chittenden  Page 45, K-13
Huntington Gorge Richmond Chittenden  Page 45, K-12
Jay Branch Gorge Troy Orleans  Page 53, B-11
Jeff Falls Cambridge Lamoille  Page 46, B-1
Jelly Mill Falls Dummerston Windham  Page 22, F-6
Jeudevine Falls Hardwick Caledonia  Page 47, E-12
Kings Hill Brook Falls Bakersfield Franklin  Page 52, I-1
Little Otter Creek Falls Ferrisburgh Addison  Page 38, F-7
Lye Brook Falls Manchester Bennington  Page 25, I-10
Marshfield Falls Marshfield Washington  Page 41, A-12
Middlebury Gorge Middlebury Addison  Page 33, C-9 
Mill, The Worcester Washington  Page 46, K-7 
Milton Falls Milton Chittenden  Page 45, B-9
Moss Glen Falls (Granville) Granville Addison  Page 34, A-1
Moss Glen Falls (Stowe) Stowe Lamoille Page 46, G-6
North Branch Falls Worcester Washington  Page 47, I-8
Northfield Falls Northfield Washington  Page 40, G-5
Old City Falls Strafford Orange  Page 35, E-12
Pikes Falls Jamaica Windham  Page 26, J-1
Proctor Falls Proctor Rutland  Page 29, B-11
Quechee Gorge Hartford Windsor  Page 31, C-11
Riverton Falls Berlin Washington  Page 40, F-6
Roxbury Falls Roxbury Washington  Page 40, I-3
Sacketts Brook Falls Putney Windham  Page 23, D-8 
Sheep's Hole Johnson Lamoille  Page 46, A-4
Shelburne Falls Shelburne Chittenden  Page 44, K-6
South Branch Falls Montgomery Franklin  Page 52, F-6
State Prison Hollow Falls Starksboro Addison  Page 39, D-10
Sterling Brook Gorge Stowe Lamoille  Page 46, E-4
Stetson Hollow Falls Warren Washington  Page 39, J-14
Terrill Gorge Morristown Lamoille  Page 46, D-6
Texas Falls Hancock Addison  Page 33, D-14
Thatcher Brook Falls Waterbury Washington  Page 40, A-3
Thundering Brook Falls Killington Rutland  Page 30, B-2
Trout River Falls Montgomery Franklin  Page 52, E-6
Twenty Foot Hole Reading Windsor  Page 31, I-8
Upper Crossett Brook Falls Duxbury Washington  Page 40, B-2
Warren Falls Warren Washington  Page 39, J-14
Willoughby Falls Barton Orleans  Page 54, G-2
Woodbury Falls Woodbury Washington  Page 47, G-11


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Waterfalls, swimming holes, and hiking can be extremely dangerous. Hundreds of people have been injured or killed in the waterfalls and swimming holes of New England over the last 50 years. Never swim when the water currents seem like they are too high or strong. Use of this website and all of its information is at your own risk! Be safe out there - and always use common sense!